GTR Drift Fever

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How To Play: GTR Drift Fever

Using Mouse

About GTR Drift Fever

Drift Fever is a racing game where you drive different types of race cars around tracks and try to stay ahead of other cars. There are three different types of races: highway, browser, and arena. You start off in the highway race where you go through a pre-designed track with well-known turns and straight roads. As you advance through the stages you will encounter more challenging terrain such as hills, curves, tunnels, and water obstacles. In Drift Fever you have access to three different types of race cars with their own specific attributes. The Gtr drift car is the slowest, but it also has the highest top speed which makes it great for drifting! The Lr3 track car is the most powerful but it also takes the longest to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h so it's not ideal for fast races. The final type is called an r1 (pronounced "r-one") car and these are faster than all other race cars but they also have the lowest top speed which makes them easy pickings for other racers to overtake in drag races or road each race there will be checkpoints that reduce your time by a set amount or force you into a particular direction on a given track. Try not to fall too far behind as time is of the essence in Drift Fever.

The Gtr Drift Fever is a very simple HTML / JavaScript game. Drive with the joystick to drift the car and avoid other cars. The drifter must keep his/her car on the road by touching and releasing the trigger at the right moment. The car must not hit any obstacles or other vehicles and crash into them. Keep playing, you will get addicted! Controls: - WASD = Move your character/car - Left and Right Switches = Change direction and speed of your car - X and O Arrows = Increase the speed of your car, brake if you hit an obstacle.