Russian Drift Ride 3D

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How To Play: Russian Drift Ride 3D

Using Mouse

About Russian Drift Ride 3D

This is a crazy track where you have to drive a drift car as fast as you can. The car must stay within the lines and avoid the walls. Avoid the walls! If you miss a wall, your car will go into a skid and probably spin out of control. Use your skills, and drift as many corners as you can. This game is one of the most popular apps on Google Play for Supercars Raging Legends Drift Ride 3D.

Race to the finish line in this exciting 3D car driving game! Drive fast and race other cars in this fun physics-based car racing game. Use your mouse to drive, shoot fireballs at other drivers or use different kinds of power-ups. Get as many points as you can by driving carefully and shooting.