Car Drifting Xtreme

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How To Play: Car Drifting Xtreme

Using Mouse

About Car Drifting Xtreme

Car Drift Xtreme - Get ready car lovers, because Drift Xtreme is here! Pro-Drivers and Cars will go to extreme lengths to win this fast-paced race. Racing against the clock, you’ll need to use all your skills, including strategy and speed, to get the highest score. Take on the most challenging circuits in multiple difficulty levels and rework your approach at every opportunity. No skill is a waste in Car Drifting Xtreme.

Look no further if you're looking for the ultimate car drifting game. Car Drifting Xtreme is the most authentic and challenging car drifting game out there. You will feel like a pro driving your favorite drift cars in this intense arcade game. Drive as fast as you can around the track and pick up bonus points by driving the right corner at just the right angle. Get it right, and you might jus

The ultimate drifting game! Drive your car as fast and as far as you can. Use the arrow keys to steer. The further you go, the harder it gets. You need to drift perfectly or crash! Avoid obstacles such as cones and walls - you can also drift into other cars. Try not to hit! Get the highest score and win medals for every race.