Real Drift Car Simulator 3D

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How To Play: Real Drift Car Simulator 3D

Using Mouse

About Real Drift Car Simulator 3D

Drift Car Simulator 3D - The game is an action, racing, and stunt driving a drift car around the track. The car needs to get as close to the wall as possible while still being able to drift across the finish line. Use the arrow keys to drive, the space bar to brake, and M for manual or D for drift assist. Have fun! 

Are you ready to drift? It's time to get ready! Drive, stunt, and drift your way to victory in this incredible driving game! Use arrow keys to drive. Space bar to perform tricks. Try not to hit any potholes or drive too fast, or else you’ll lose control and crash. Drive with skill and dare to go beyond the limits of realism in this exciting car racing game.

Drift Car Simulator is the most realistic drift car to Drift as many cars as you can on each track and win the race. The more cars you drive without crashing, the higher score you will get. Let's play Drift Car Simulator and see if you have what it takes to become a master racer.