Supra Drift & Stunt

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How To Play: Supra Drift & Stunt

Using Mouse

About Supra Drift & Stunt

Supercars dominate the drift tracks at the Nürburgring, but not all of them want to share. In this series, we’ll be exploring some of the specialist drifters out there, and showing you how they perform in different driving situations. Whether you’re a budding race car driver or looking to step up your drifting game, you’ll find something here that speaks to your interests. 

The Supra Drift Amp Stunt is a game, drift, or race car stunt that requires a certain amount of speed and balance to execute. The vehicle is steered with the rear left wheel while the right-hand side wheels are used to push it forward. If you master balancing and speed then this will become your favorite driving game. If you are looking for the most thrilling and challenging racing game with great graphics then look no further than Supra Drift Amp Stunt

Drift amp Stunt is the ultimate in a car-stunt movie. Utilizing innovative stunts, gliding, and drifting, this game will take you back to your childhood and give you a taste of what it’s like to be on the edge of your seat while driving a brand-new muscle.