GTR Drift & Stunt

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How To Play: GTR Drift & Stunt

Using Mouse

About GTR Drift & Stunt

Drift racing is a car sport in which the driver attempts to maintain a constant speed and direction by using either drift or drift-based racing techniques. It is a form of motorsports that uses open road races to practice drifting, rather than on purpose-built tracks. The name comes from its usage as an acronym representing “drift, gear, acceleration, and corners”. Drift cars are also known as go-to-zeros (GTZer), go-to-hundreds (GTocnt), or go-go globes (GtGlb). These terms refer to the stage in a race where competitors attempt to complete as many laps as possible while maintaining their initial speed and

BEGINNING A LIVING? RACING CAR DRIFT GAME! If you are true car lover,you will love this amazing free drifting game. It is a very challenging and intense racing game, where you have to drift your way through a series of checkpoints as fast as you can. The further you go, the harder it gets! You need to master every curve and bank in order to become the best driver of all time. Make use of the arrow keys to drive and the up, down, left and right arrows to drift. Good luck and have fun