Rally Point

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How To Play: Rally Point

Using Mouse

About Rally Point

The arcade racing genre has been around for decades, with its roots in the manic races of World War II. With the rise of consoles and handheld devices, the arcade race car has retained relevance by enabling players to experience driving classic cars from different eras. Nowadays, many competitions offer both online and offline modes with new challenges every week. But what if you could go back in time to relive some of your favorite arcade ragers? What would you do if you could drive actual vintage racecars instead of shooting aliens or navigating busy city streets? Welcome to Rally Point - an innovative driving game inspired by classic arcade racers that take players back to the real world for a wild and crazy.

Race the track and race the enemy in this action-packed driving game. Drive as fast as you can to beat your rivals and reach your final destination before time runs out. Make use of your vehicles like a motorcycle, car, boat, or plane. Get it right and everything will go well. Get it wrong and you could crash into the wall or other vehicles. You'll want to drive as smoothly as possible because if you hit any obstacle or another vehicle, you'll lose control and crash. For added fun try picking one of three different battle arenas with a range of unique obstacles. 

From the creators of Nitrous Oxide comes DriveClub. A car-based racing game that takes you for a ride like never before. DriveClub takes you through an authentic racer’s world, where you can dominate with or without a crew. You can go it alone in your car, or find other racers through Clubs. Make your way across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in your iconic race car, the Drift Stylo. The more wins you get, the more prestigious you become, and the more drive club points you get to spend on upgrading your vehicle and track. If you like real racers games, then this is for you.