Zombie Drift

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How To Play: Zombie Drift

Using Mouse

About Zombie Drift

Get ready to drift your way through an undead apocalypse! The car game Zombie Drift is a racing game in which players have to race their car against other vehicles on a track with many obstacles. The objective is simple: get there first and earn the most points. You can either control a driver directly or take on the role of the AI, which will give you different options regarding how exactly you want to play. Choose if you want to be fast, agile, or just outright reckless and go full zombie on your opponents. However, don’t expect any assistance from friendly cars — they won’t enable you to pass by them, but rather try to slow you down and take away some of your emotions.

You are driving a car, but it doesn’t feel like you. You are floating in the air and all around you, there is nothing but endless dark, endless space. You can’t see anything, not even your own feet! Your car has lost control and is now being dragged along by some kind of invisible force. You can barely make out walls, obstacles, and other cars ahead of you as you drive aimlessly through a zombie-infested world. What’s going on? How did your car get involved in this? And where am I? These are just some of the questions that will be answered as you play Zombie Drift.

What If You Could Drive a Car as a Zombie? It’s a Fantasy That Almost Exists. Maybe. Zombies are real. I’m sure you’ve heard them mentioned at some point over the years, and some version of the zombie apocalypse has been one way or another making the news lately.