Drift Torque

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How To Play: Drift Torque

Using Mouse

About Drift Torque

Drift Torque is a physics-based racing game with amazing 3D graphics and features. In this game, you have to race against the clock to complete as many drifts as possible without crashing your car. The faster you go, the more points you gain for that drift. There are various types of drifts in the game: Lateral, Skid and Drift. Each type of drift has its own rules and challenges. To access these challenges, you will need to earn points by completing drifts of different types. The more drifts you complete the higher the score you earn. There are also multiple modes in which you can play: Championship, Time Trial, and Training Drills. You can also challenge other players online or create your own This game world tour lobby to compete with other players around the world! Use your arrow keys to drive and use the space bar to brake and take evasive action when necessary. - Drive through different levels of difficulty - Earn points for completing each level - Compete with players from all over the world (Create your own World Tour Lobby) - Multiple Time Trials in each level - Challenging Championship mode - A diverse selection of drifting levels (Lateral, Skid, Drift) 4 iPhone, iPhone, iPhone Games, Game Reviews iPhone games, iPhone apps, iPhone apps review This one is an amazing 3d physics based racing game where you have to race against the clock on drifts in order to complete them.

This game is a physics-based racing game with 3D graphics. Drive your car through the tracks in any order you want, but make sure you drift enough to complete the laps! The more passes you get, the higher your ranking will be. Drift Torque gives you all the fun of driving a race car and the challenging physics simulation of drifting in one game. 3D graphics have come a long way in the past few years, from being used primarily for PCs to now also being available for mobile phones and handheld consoles. Mobile phones are getting faster and with much better graphics than their predecessors and this allows them to keep playing games at high resolutions without falling victim to performance problems like nausea or eye strain caused by playing at lower resolutions. 4G networks are also becoming widespread and provide much greater bandwidth than before which results in sharper images with more colors. Moreover, some devices that were only intended for testing smartphones can be used as a gaming consoles by connecting an HDMI output.

This amazing game sponsored by STUNTS is back! It’s bigger and better than ever. It’s the ultimate 3D drive-thru drifting competition where you have to go faster than everyone else on your track. The Drifting Torque brings you back to the roots of drift driving with a competitive atmosphere, high-quality premium products, and a pro driver line-up.