Drifting Sedan Puzzle

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How To Play: Drifting Sedan Puzzle

Using Mouse

About Drifting Sedan Puzzle

A car driving through a blue field is supposed to give you a hint as to what type of vehicle it is. But why? The answer may surprise you.

The Sedan is the German word for the sedan. It's a large, luxurious car that's popular around the world. But what if you knew there was more to it than meets the eye? What if you could own one, drive it, and not only understand but even like it as well? Then this game would be perfect for you. You see, every time I play this game, I end up wanting to make my own. And that’s how I found out about drifting sedans. You see, when my friend posted on our group his name Facebook page about drift cars and how much fun he’s having with them, I had to join in on the fun! Now, this isn't just any old driving game where you get points for drifting - no, in this game you're doing something different. Every time you finish a level without crashing into any other cars or pedestrians you're rewarded with points and XP (experience points). These levels are called drifts and they're quite challenging! As you can imagine getting into a drifting car can be nerve-racking at first but with a little practice and some patience, you are born to master it.