Race The Traffic

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How To Play: Race The Traffic

Using Mouse

About Race The Traffic

Do you like to Race? Do You like to Drive? If You answered YES to Both Questions, Then Youre entered into the world of Drift Racing! This is a racing game that will challenge your skills and give you both sensory overload and VIBES! Drive fast and drift as much as you can in this crazy traffic racing game. In this crazy game you have to race other cars and motorcycles on special tracks against time. There are various types of races in this game:

1) Standard Race - This is the Classic race where you drive a standard car on a racetrack at regular speed. It's not too difficult but it does require some driving skill because it's filled with other cars and bikes.

2) Hot Dog Race - Similar to the standard race but instead of driving on a racetrack, you drive through a street full of hot dogs. The faster you drive, the more dogs you hit.

3) Freestyle Race - This one is similar to the standard race but with some added flair such as no restarts, no lines, just go crazy all day long!

4) Duel Race - Similar to the freestyle race but with two drivers instead of one driver vs. time winner! What's New in Version - Added premium design for iPhone XS Max & iPhone XR - Added new countries China, India, Indonesia, and Japan for Traffic Racing.

Are you a race fan? Are you looking for an addictive and challenging driving game? If yes, this is the game for you! is a track-based auto-racing game in which players take control of cars on a track and try to reach the finish line as fast as possible. Don’t let the small size of the playing field fool you; Race can be played with up to 6 players simultaneously. The more people who join in, the more intense the game is.

Test your skills in this addictive car racing game. Race the traffic, race the game, race the drift, race the cars, race the driving, race the drifts, and more importantly - Race The Traffic! Play alone or challenge your friends to see who's the best racer.